Summer 2019 - Registration Opens April 1st


2018-2019 Tuition Rates

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School-Year Session 2018-2019

  • We hold four recitals at Snohomish High School in June. If your child is enrolled in multiple classes or you have multiple children enrolled in multiple classes please expect to participate in more than one recital. We cannot guarantee that your child or children will have all dances within one show. If you would prefer to attend only one show you must refer to the 2019 Recital Show Order and register accordingly.

  • June 2019 recitals will occur on Friday, June 14th and Saturday, June 15th. We cannot accommodate scheduling issues. Please keep both dates clear. Ticket prices are $22/$24 if purchased in June. We reserve four, $20-tickets per registered family for the month of May. If tickets are not purchased during this designated time they will be taken off reserve so families, extended family members, and friends may have the opportunity to purchase more come June. June tuition must be paid in order to purchase recital tickets.

  • Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. A grace period extends until the 10th. Tuition will be considered late if it is not paid by the 10th regardless if the 10th falls on a Sunday or over a holiday. An automatic $25 late fee is added to your account on the 11th. Signing up for auto-pay is encouraged. Statements are not emailed. We will ask students to sit out if tuition is past due.

  • Tuition is based on the number of classes taken per week by siblings in the same household, and averaged for the 10 months we hold classes. Each class meets exactly 38 times. Holidays and our recital picture week have already been factored out. Once enrolled, monthly tuition may not be suspended. If you wish to withdraw and re-enroll you may, though a registration fee will be collected again.

*A $25 late fee is automatically added to unpaid accounts on the 11th of the month. A late fee can be assessed for bounced checks not replaced

Hours per week

30 minutes

45 minutes

1.00 hours

1.25 hours

1.50 hours

1.75 hours

2.00 hours

2.25 hours

2.50 hours

2.75 hours

3.00 hours

3.25 hours

3.50 hours

3.75 hours

4.00 hours

4.25 hours

4.50 hours

4.75 hours

5.00 hours

5.25 hours

Fees per month





















Hours per week

5.50 hours

5.75 hours

6.00 hours

6.25 hours

6.50 hours

6.75 hours

7.00 hours

7.25 hours

7.50 hours

7.75 hours

8.00 hours

8.25 hours

8.50 hours

8.75 hours

9.00 hours

9.25 hours

9.50 hours

9.75 hours

10+ hours

Registration Fee

Fees per month




















$30 (+$20 per add.)

  • Registration Fee: $30 individual; $20 for each additional family member. Your summer registration fee will be waived if your summer tuition is paid in full by Friday, June 1st, 2018.

  • Private Lessons: $37/30 minutes, $47/45 minutes, $57/60 minutes. Rental Rates: Available upon request.

  • Trial Class: $5.

  • Drop-In Rates: $18 per class, or purchase a purple punch card: $150 one time payment for 10 classes.

  • Late Fee/NSF Fee: $25. This fee will automatically be applied to accounts owing tuition on the 10th of each month. PacWest does not mail or email statements.